What's important to us

Trilogy is a part of the Story of Jesus that God has been writing since Creation. We live out our part in this Story in several key areas:

Celebrate his story

  • We honor God and His Word by teaching the Bible and living with integrity.
  • We create opportunities for new stories to be written and celebrate when they happen.

  • Sunday is a time for celebration! We worship with enthusiasm and passion.

Connect our stories

  • We are a family and we do life together - every day of the week.

  • We are all at different places in our journey, but are committed to moving forward together in unity.

Contribute your story

  • We face outward, neighbor well, and live Our Story to reflect His Story to our community.

  • We find ways to meet the needs of those who are without or hurting.

  • We serve both inside and outside the walls of the church.
  • We put God and others above ourselves and give with radical generosity.